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In the analysis of reliability, at a choice of indicators, essential value has the decision which is made at refusal of a product. For indicators of reliability two forms of representation are characteristic: probable and statistical.

Strict observance of the modes and sequence of operations of process of production. The organization of control systems of quality of use of the automatic equipment with the built-in means of active control.

When developing technological process of the assembly and the printed-circuit board designed by me devices I suggest to apply the second option at which preparation and installation is carried out manually, and the soldering is carried out is automated.

At design of the production technology of assembly of the printed-circuit board, requirements to above to the stated documents are much more considered (developing technology of the printed-circuit board I considered otroslivy standards which were stated to a wound.

the manual replacement tool is allowed be not to grounded, but in this case the performer has to work with the antistatic bracelet connected to a shop zazelyayushchy contour through resistance of 1 Megohm. On handles of the replacement tool palichy insulating tubes it is not admissible.

There is rather large amount of materials for sealing which are characterized heatphysical, electroinsulating properties, and also the possessing certain technological properties.

On workplaces the materials, tools, the equipment and the equipment provided by technological process and documentation on a product have to be in process of work with the radio engineering equipment.

The additive method is based on selective sedimentation of a conducting surface on the dielectric basis on which previously, the layer of glue composition can be put. Shortcomings of an additive method is the low productivity of process of chemical metallization, intensive impact of electrolysis on dielectric.

For control of printed-circuit boards standard tools for measurement of the linear sizes, projectors for visual definitions of a form of drawing of the printed-circuit board are used. Printed-circuit boards to be tested in the conditions of the increased mechanical influence, in the course of production of software to be carried out acceptance, periodic and standard tests.