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Energy consumption – an important indicator of a standard of living. In those days, when the person got food, collecting forest fruits and hunting on animals, he needed per day about 8 MDZh of energy. After mastering fire this size increased to 16 MDZh, in primitive agricultural society it made 50 MDZh, and in more developed – 100 MDZh.

It would seem, what can be more unpleasant than manure? Many problems are connected with pollution of reservoirs waste of zverovodchesky farms. The large numbers of organic substance getting to reservoirs promote their pollution.

It is known that heating plants - active pollutants of environment, pig farm and cowsheds - too. However it is possible to make something of these two evils good. It occurred in the English city of Pidelkhintona where the technology of processing of manure of pigs in the electric power is developed. Waste goes on the pipeline on power plant where in the special reactor are exposed to biological processing. The formed gas is used for receiving the electric power, and the waste processed by bacteria - for fertilizer. Processing 70 tons of manure daily, it is possible to receive 40 KWh.