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Now in biology it is clearly realized that in a to the car from it the design which is not changing in the course of a in a live body all parts of all bodies, fabrics and cages constantly change. In an organism during all his life there is a disintegration, decomposition of proteins and other substances of protoplasm. However to the place of each broken-up molecule now there is a particle of protein formed in a live body of the which came to an organism from environment (in a, from substances of food). Thus, the live body keeps to a certain extent to constants the look and a chemical composition, all the time changing — perceiving from environment new of substance and giving to Wednesday products of the.

The similar combination if is not the reason of development of sclerous in walls of vessels then to it. Therefore it is necessary to think seriously not only of increase in specific weight of vegetable fats in balance of food, but also of that form in which these fats arrive to the consumer, about that at processing completely to keep their valuable.

After a skhvatyvaniye of jelly we take out a pie, we remove a cardboard and we process sides the kindled chocolate bar with a small amount of boiled water. For this purpose I use chocolate the Crown, it the most tasty, the rest is poured out on top of a pie and leveled by a knife. Then we put everything in the refrigerator for final formation.

This sweet dish. Shake up eggs - separately egg yolks and whites, then mix them in proportion with honey or with sugar, put oil and the yeast divorced milk. add a flour, stir, as on fritters. let's dough approach. then pour out in a frying pan and bake in an oven with average heat. The biscuit is ready when approaches and blushes. Lay out a ready biscuit on a board and cool, then cut on rombik. For a biscuit it will be required: 2,5 kg of a flour, 10 pieces of eggs, 500 grams of sugar or honey, 300 grams of melted butter, 25 grams of yeast, salt to taste.

However with food the optimum amount of vitamins not only in view of seasonal fluctuations in the content of vitamins B such products as vegetables, fruit, oil, milk etc., but also owing to escalating consumption of the products poor in vitamins or absolutely not supporting them can not always arrive (sugar, white loaf, macaroni, products etc.). Therefore the more and more clear need of resolute increase of a of vitamins B a diet, for example by rational vitaminization of foodstuff of consumption.

And after all hospitality and good mood — the best entertainment. Anybody behind a friendly will also not notice lack of any delicacy, but all without exception will see how the hostess is tired, and much this circumstance will spoil mood.

The furnace not in very hot oven until the knife thrust in a biscuit is dry. As the simplified option - very carefully we shake up eggs, then, without ceasing to shake up, we add sugar, then we add a flour.

Process: crush a biscuit on a large grater (pour out couple of tablespoons of crumbs for finishing then), pour to a vessel and add: cream (too leave on finishing), 2-3 teaspoons of powder of cocoa, 2-3 tablespoons of cognac (it is possible to replace also with vodka, at the worst). Mix all this hands and to stick together a subject. Then roll in cakes in biscuit crumbs, decorate with cream and in the refrigerator at some o'clock.

To lay the lower layer of a biscuit on a tray, to build something from a strip of a cardboard and paper clips like a hat box and to put on a biscuit to pour out a half of egg in your beer on a biscuit, to put the second layer of a biscuit and slightly to press down for coupling of layers, to pour out the remained egg in your beer, to level and put in the refrigerator for hardening I put in the freezer.

The same, for example, can be told and about factory processing of tea at which this or that of the tannins which are so lacking us in a about loss of vitamins at conservation of fruits and vegetables is lost.

But at any versions of the solution of this task — whether the family uses services of food or the food is completely cooked only at home, whether food is combined with the house — requirements of modern science about a remains the main, decisive condition of providing a family tasty and healthy.