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Fans of pleasures. Representatives of this group make very great demands of quality of rest. For them travel — is a way of self-expression. From rest they wish to derive pleasure, to afford some weaknesses or to give themselves sports loading.

Fans of adventures. Only the few thrill-seekers go to wandering alone and thus I put myself at really serious risk. To pita of adventurers it is possible to carry such tourists who look for unusual impressions with a certain share of risk. For them the risk is opportunity to test itself.

Management of tourism in the CIS countries exists practically for a long time, but its theory is developed rather poorly. The set of publications, a variety of approaches in the description of various aspects of management of tourism, empirical and research work in this direction testify to the importance of this discipline and confirm the growing practical value of management of tourism.

The entirely having a rest. The major condition for tourists of this type is opportunity to have a rest. This group includes rather passive tourists who spend the holidays in the traditional way: are content with silence, long sleep, like to eat tasty and plentifully, make short walks or not distant trips. Fans of such rest rejoice if for the period of holiday their favourite habits can be kept, after all they do not like to experiment.