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Don't know how to defeat depression

Krishnamurti compares meditation to love, because love – not a product of system of habits, not result of following to a method. The love can come when there is a full silence, silence in which meditating absolutely is absent; and mind can be silent only when it understands the own movement – thoughts and feelings. To understand this movement of thought and feeling, at its supervision there should not be a condemnation.

Transcendental meditation is developed by the Indian yogi (more precisely, the former physicist) Makharisha Mahesh of Yoga. Originally she extended them in native India, but did not receive commercial success. Therefore decided to try the luck Makharisha in the State of California, the USA, having oriented in a situation of hobby for east doctrines. From the middle of the 60th to the middle of the 70th there was a period of the greatest interest in TM when were fond of it not only simple Americans, but also actors, musicians (for example, groups The Beatles, Rolling Stones). After almost ten-year boom interest in TM began to decrease.

Internal dialogue represents mental conversation which we constantly carry on with ourselves, and is direct expression of the reality perceived by each of us. Its main task – to protect the description of reality, feeding it with own contents (thoughts) and promoting commission of the acts strengthening it. (This idea is conformable to ideas Gurdzhiyev. Don Huang speaks about a stop of internal dialogue as about the key opening doors between the worlds.

When carrying out meditation the simple poses which are not causing tension in a body and habitual for the engaged are used – for example, sitting on a chair with a back or lying on a back. At the first stages it is more preferable than occupation in groups under the leadership of the trainer owning technicians of meditation.

For Krishnamurti important that meditation has no equipment. Meditation as supervision of consciousness without understanding, contemplation without beholding is offered to them: "If you study yourself, watch yourself, how you eat as speak as you stir, hate, are jealous if you realize it everything in yourself, without choice, it is part of meditation"

In the course of the work of Osho affected actually all aspects of development of human consciousness. It allocated the basic important for spiritual search of the modern person, based on experience of own existence. It did not belong to any tradition. He spoke:

The range of experiences which arise at meditation, is wide: they can be pleasant or not, there can be an alternation of strong emotions like love or anger to a condition of rest and steadiness. During practice meditative states start gravitating to bigger rest, positive emotions, to bigger sensitivity in perception and an introspektion, further reaching to such as deep tranquility, concentration, positive emotions of pleasure, love and compassion, deep penetration into the nature of mind and even various transcendental states.

Throughout thought, Ayvankhov notes that meditation and contemplation are necessary to lift itself on higher level, and then to return back, bringing in real life various best forms, criteria and the sizes. In it sense and the purpose of the real meditation:

One of the nonclassical yogas which arose in the XX century – the Integrated yoga developed by Sri Aurobindo Gkhosh. Its Indian synonym – Purna-yoga (full, perfect). Initial aspect in it – self-deepening and concentration on Silence, and serve as the main theoretical prerequisites ideas of various levels of consciousness, a problem of full disclosure human "I" in the course of active transformation of the inner and outside world.

Vision of the world across Don to Juan Dualno: its concept of reality is expressed in the terms "tonal" and "nagual". Tonal includes everything, than the person, everything of what he thinks is and that does. Nagual it is impossible to understand or put into words, nevertheless, he can be perceived by the person and to become part of his experience. One of main objectives of the magician consists in it.

As the component meditation enters autogenic training in its various modifications, in technology of complex autogenic training, is used in self-hypnosis and some other methods of mental self-control.