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3 tricks to write a process paragraph

For creation and introduction of the complex mechanized lines on processing, packing and packing of fish and seafood, and also development of essentially new fish-processing equipment on the basis of achievements of science and technology it is necessary to have data on physicomechanical, rheological, strength and morphometric characteristics of fishes.

Distinguish the instant and late elastic deformations. As in real bodies, both deformation, and tension extend with a final speed, instant deformation is abstraction. If the speed of distribution of deformation is very great, time of process of deformation with a small error can be accepted equal to zero. It is accepted to call such deformation instant.

The rubberized tape is easily deformable material, at contact with which friction force is caused by deformation and adhesive components, and therefore also friction coefficient for this purpose of materials much more, than for others. At orientation of a herring a tail in the direction of the movement the coefficient of friction will be slightly more, than at its orientation-headed in the direction of the movement. It is explained by a structure of a scaly cover. At orientation of fish a tail in the direction of the movement the deformation component of friction force increases.