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For the purpose of more profound knowledge of features of securities market it would be desirable to consider the main object of stock market in the beginning - securities, and in the second part of work - highlights of the organization and functioning of stock exchange, and also the transactions made at stock exchange.

The securities market can be subdivided also in a place of a turn of securities. In this case the exchange and off-exchange market is allocated. Primary issue of securities is carried out on channels of the off-exchange market. Secondary sale of securities can happen as in the exchange, and off-exchange market.

It is forbidden to put at public placement or the address of issue of issue securities advantage at acquisition of securities to one potential owners before others. The present provision is not applied in the following cases:

Participants of securities market are first of all the consumers and suppliers of the capital stated above. The consumers of the capital raising money by issue of securities are called as issuers. And the suppliers of the capital making the investments in purchase of securities are called as investors. Each of participants pursues the aims.

The registering body considers the report on results of issue of issue securities in two weeks and in the absence of the securities of violations connected with release registers it. The registering body is responsible for completeness of the report registered by it.

The holder of the register - the registrar is engaged in collecting, fixing, processing, storage and providing data on the register of owners of securities. The register of owners of securities is the list of the registered owners with the indication of quantity, par value and category of the nominal securities belonging to them made for any determined date.