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And in researches T.V. To Kozyreva it is shown that adaptation of the temperature-controlled device is higher at physically trained people, than at not trained. And at the trainings which are carried out in the open air (skiers – athletes) 4.

One more direction in which results of research gathered, it is the level of progress of both groups. As an indicator estimates (on five-point scales of two leading subjects (accounting and management) which study both groups were taken.

Further looking at figure 1 it is possible to see that at the group which was engaged in a hall an initial indicator is slightly higher, than at the group which was engaged in park but then at the end of September and in October it decreases. Owing to occupations by physical activities in comfortable conditions, that is decrease to a minimum of functions of the thermoregulatory device.

To achieve a good result in study a variety of actions, that is activity switching, alternation of mental work with physical is necessary that would lead to mutual maintenance.

Air temperature is, as a rule, lower than the body temperature of the person, as causes irritation of a skin surface of mucous membranes, airways and the nervous devices put in them. Systematic irritations of skin and mucous cold air temper an organism, doing it steadier against adverse environmental conditions.

When testing high-speed qualities the initial indicator at experimental group is worse, than at control group, but further repeated testing showed that at experimental group the indicator improved, and at control group worsened.

Looking at drawing it is possible to draw a conclusion that by the group which was engaged in park it was acquired material more, than the group which was engaged in a hall as the experimental group had a restoration period less (owing to trainings), than at control.

To make any certain recommendations, based on this research, it is very difficult as time of its carrying out and number of participants was limited. In the future it is possible to continue this research and to achieve more certain results.