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For achievement of this purpose the published literature of various character was used: memoirs and letters of colleagues and Vladimir Klavdiyevich's relatives, his diaries and records, bibliographic and kritiko-bibliographic sketches on the scientist which allowed to submit the biography of the traveler taking into account corrections of some facts, the mistakes and inaccuracies known earlier in literature, and also own compositions of V. K. Arsenyev.

Here it met famous figures and scientists: V. V. Radlov, D. A. Semenovym-Tyan-Shanskim, Yu.M. Shokalsky, S.F. Oldenburg, D. N. Anuchin, V. V. Bogdanov, A.N. Maximov and P. K. Kozlov who just came back from the travel to Central Asia.

17 century it is celebrated by great geographical discoveries here. We will distinguish from a large number of names only some: Vasily Poyarkov (1611-165, Dezhnev (1605-167, Erofey Habarov (1610-166, Vladimir Atlasov (1661-17

Hydrologist. This territory differs in very dense network of the rivers relating to the basin of the seas of the Pacific Ocean. The majority of them have the small length and only extent of such rivers as Anadyr and Penzhina exceeds 600 km. The main source of their food are rain and snow waters therefore the rivers are abounding in water in the spring and during the aestivo-autumnal period. The majority of them during the cold period of 5-8 months are held down by ice. Also in the region there are a lot of small lakes.

Climatologist. Climate of Kamchatka severe because of influence of the cold seas and cold currents passing close coasts of the peninsula, but at the same time typically sea. Winter cold, snow and windy. Snow is brought by the winter cyclones developing over Beringovy and Okhotsky by seas. Average temperature of January

II geologist. The Kuril island arch settles down between the Sea of Okhotsk and the Pacific Ocean. It consists of two parallel ridges: Greater Kuril Ridge and Lesser Kuril Ridge. Majority of islands gorist. An origin of the Kuril ridge — volcanic. Each island here — a volcano, a splinter of a volcano or a chain of the volcanoes which merged the soles. On Kuriles I total 104 volcanoes, from them active — 3 highest — a volcano Alaid (2339 m) on Atlasov's island. The frequent earthquakes and moretryaseniye causing a tsunami testify to the proceeding earth movements. On the Kuril Islands deposits of titanium magnetite sand were found, fields of sulfur and copper ore are open.

Mount Sikhote-Alin are rich with minerals: gold, tin, tungsten and zinc-lead ores, alumstones, coal. Glaciers on Sikhote-Alin are not present, the freezing and in the past is not great.

The educational — to acquaint pupils with features of a geographical position of the Far East, its nature, by means of comparison of works of V. K. Arsenyev and educational and methodical literature to carry out intersubject communications with fiction.

The teacher at such lesson acts as the organizer of cognitive activity of pupils, as the assistant and the consultant. The central place at a lesson travel is allocated for application of knowledge and abilities of school students. For a lesson communication between pupils is characteristic during study, the organization of collective educational activity.

Visiting native places of edge, Arsenyev was always interested in ancient settlements. During all its experimental activity the scientist revealed, photographed topographical, sketched, photographed and described 288 archaeological monuments only in the territory of Primorye, handed over 1033 subjects of archaeological collections in Khabarovsk and 965 — in Vladivostok the museums, considerable part of collections sent to the central museums of the country.

Arsenyev had a big family: four sons and five daughters and the foster daughter Kapitalina Kokina, the relative who early lost parents, two grandmothers — Agrafena Filippovna and Aleksandra Semenovna, and, at last, the hostess of the house Rufina Egorovna.