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The United Arab Emirates possesses widely developed hotel chain, both own hotels, and entering the international hotel chains of Radisson, Hilton, Accor, Royal and many others. Hotels are designed for any visitor. The hotel sector has hotels generally 3 *, 4 *, 5*. Restaurant business is developed perfectly.

Ideally direct city streets form the plan grid with six main highways. The most effective buildings are grouped along the coastline or are on parallel streets: sheikh Halif (Sheikh Khalif), sheikh Hamdan (Sheikh Harridan) and sheikh Zaid (Sheikh Zayed).

Mind al-Nar seems a place, adverse for emergence of early civilizations: today there is no fresh water. But now on the island the industry, including oil refining and construction of power plants intensively develops. Therefore the island is the closed zone and its visit requires permission.

The bay - a heart of the city - still defines its picturesque look. It is always filled with the single-masted vessels and small boats of an abarama bringing passengers from one coast to another entering and leaving it. The landscape of the Bay is supplemented from Deyra with high modern buildings from which Deyra Tauer (Deyra's Tower) is distinguished.

Restaurants: Brasserie restaurant, the Lebanese night club of "Al Sarab", bar and cafe with live music in the hall "Gallery", the Italian restaurant "Ponte Vecchio", night club, "Trecks", restaurant of Thai cuisine of "Sanuk", restaurant of seafood of the Arab gulf, "Seabreeze" - restaurant and bar in the Mediterranean style, "Le Mirage" - bar and restaurant at the pool, a pizzeria, a pub.