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In this still life of Monet puts that force and dynamism which give them life in subjects, it animates them. In his picture everything leads intense life which anybody to it did not manage to catch which anybody did not even guess.

For a long time Cezanne outstripped an era in painting. It directed in the future. Ripened the considered and precisely constructed, each work of Cezanne becomes the song which the artist sates with the exciting poetry and tender feeling.

From time when impressionists conducted furious battles with the academic masters for the statement of new means in painting, we are separated by more century. But disputes round interpretation of their heritage did not cease until then. In hundreds of monographs devoted to certain artists, catalogs of exhibitions of articles different estimates of a role of their art in formation of a modern language of painting of the XX century are given.

The new concept of a still life was formulated most distinctly in the creativity by the greatest French realist Gustave Courbet. The spontaneity of its contact with the nature and the democratism which is the cornerstone of his creativity returned to the West European still life the vital force, juiciness and depth. Courbet was the first large master of the XIX century who created school in a still life.

Character of new tendencies can be defined, how aspiration of artists to connect a still life - syuzhetno and picturesquely - with environment. "Dead nature" is taken out on an open-air, that is on air, under the open sky, connected with a landscape or, on the contrary, integrally connected to a room interior. In a still life want to see reflection of attitude of the specific person, his vital way, at last - his moods.

In works of these artists there are a lot of works which it is possible to call a still life in pure form. New tendencies found the most distinct expression in their art: the still life to become the spokesman of mood of the person, he integrally unites - and according to the contents and is purely picturesque - with that vital environment in which there is this person.

The impressionism not for long was the leading direction in the West European still life. Besides K. Monet and O. Renoir, very few among impressionists created considerable works in this genre. But certain masters, including even such large as P. Bonnar, followed K. Monet's example and the XX century. Cezanne's still lifes were the first reaction to the impressionistic concept of the image of the subject world.