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Electrolytes - substances, solutions or which fusions carry out electric current. Electrolytes - a class of conductors in which electric current is always followed by their chemical changes. Carry to electrolytes, for example, solutions of salts, acids and alkalis. Electrolytes also are in some cases fusions of any substances or connections.

The category which received such name is observed with rather high pressures of gases in strongly non-uniform field. For obtaining considerable heterogeneity of a field electrodes have to have very unequal surface, that is, one - very big, another - very small.

When giving current will go to the anode of a positive charge on a lamp. If to increase tension on the anode, current will increase as the quantity of the electrons moving towards the cathode will increase and the speed of the movement of electrons increases.

Temperature — one of the most important controlled parameters of technological processes practically in all branches of a national economy. The most part of all temperature measurements falls to the share of thermoelectric converters which principle of action is based on Seebeck's phenomenon.

However, subjecting gas to various external influences, it is possible to cause in it conductivity. So, for example, placing a torch flame near the charged electrometer, it is possible to see that the electrometer charge quickly decreases. We reported to gas conductivity, creating in it high temperature. If instead of a torch flame we placed a suitable light source near the electrometer, we would also observe leakage of charges from the electrometer.

The crown category arises not only near a provolok, but also near any conductors with a small surface. The crown arises also in the nature under the influence of atmospheric electric field and appears on tops of trees, ship masts, etc.

It is known that two identical metal electrodes shipped in electrolyte after passing through them electric current are polarized and form a galvanic cell which itself some time can be a source of electric current. Thus, creating system from two identical conductors of the first sort (electrolyte, we will receive the accumulator.