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They in most cases also act as raw appendages of economically developed countries, dropping out of leadership prospects, and sometimes and of the regional world markets of the final products of consumption owing to noncompetitiveness.

The importance for implementation of foreign investment, and also system transformation and the movement to market economy represents carrying out privatization. It is carried out against a simultaneous recognition of need of further deregulation of economic activity and liberalization of activity of the private sector.

By estimates of experts, experience of creation of OEZ in China can be considered as very successful, considering that in 10 years which passed from the moment of the decision on their creation (1979, foreign investments into OEZ made 2,5 billion dollars. That there correspond all foreign investments in China for the specified period

The perspective direction of integration of the countries into system of the world economy and development of the international investment activity is creation special (special economic zones (OEZ)). It is one of the most attracting forms of interest of foreign investors which gives the chance to intensify business, to increase an export potential, to form market infrastructure, to accelerate development of certain regions and branches of economy.

It also concerns also mentality of the host country. In particular, increase in volumes of Japanese investment in the Pacific region (first of all, in South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand it is connected not only with existence in them of well trained and disciplined labor, but also with easy perception it Japanese management.