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Law school 1l preparation for pte exam speaking 1

When came to an end harvest, Ivan Vladimirovich sat down at tractor levers – it was necessary to plow a ploughland. At that time the relation to work, its quality was strict. Even could arrive at night checking in the field, check the plowed land depth, number of the plowed hectares.

The director of Mikhaylovsky school noticed the sensible, clever boy. Talked to Praskoviya Dmitriyevna, Vanya's mother, convinced her that the boy should not loaf about, let help to graze pigs in collective farm, at the same time and will earn to himself on clothes and footwear.

Now Ivan Vladimirovich and Anna Timofeevna Belousovy live one. Children grew up and scattered who where. Ivan Vladimirovich says that is quiet for their future, they do not forget it – always with a kitchen garden help, visit when there is an opportunity. Health only brings, after all already for the seventh ten passed.

– Somehow everything collapsed at once. In our economy there were 25 heads of milch herd, at Kasyanov – 16000 pigs. There were no working hands, about holidays and the speech did not go, output was not – so it was necessary to work. And what today?